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humidifier fan higher pressure fan misting fan

humidifier fan higher pressure fan misting fan

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  • humidifier fan pressure mist fan
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  • 07-20-2019
Detail Information

Name:Industrial Standing Cooling High Pressure Mist Fan Spray Fan Water Fan(Japan Design)
Voltage:220-240V / 100-120V
Frequency:50Hz / 60Hz
Flow:0.3 L/min
Continuous work time:More than 1400 hours
Volume of tank:30L/40L/46L
Material of tank:ABS/PP/FRP(black/blue/green)
Air Flow:110 m3/min
Spray Distance:10-15m
Effective Area:40-60m2
Reduce temperature:5-8℃
Speed:3 shifts
Diameter of Fan Blade:450mm
Material:ABS/ Iron

Ⅰ Operating Principle
Low Pressure Mist Systems are based on principles of evaporative cooling,the process of removing heat from the air by using water vapour. When combined with the air flow from an air circulating fan the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. Work areas outdoor recreation facilities and animal enclosures can all benefit from the rapid, eddicient cooling that a mist fan can provide, reducing stress and fatigue and improving safety and producing in heat of Summer.
Using our high quality precision missing nozzles, an ultra fine mist is introduced into the environment which interacts with the air to cool, clean, humidity and to repelflying insects.

Ⅱ Work Environment
Voltage --- if the main voltage is unstable, please limited at the ±10% range on the nameplate.
Ambient temperature --- -0 ℃~ 75 ℃
Humidity --- 85% maximum relativehumidity

Ⅲ Feature
Easy Installation --- Connecting it with tap faucet directly.
Cooling Fast --- Cooling as soon as start. At wet area, can reduce 5-10℃. At hot and dry area, can reduce 10-15℃.
Saving Electricity --- Cost 1 degree power per 5 hours.
Green Product --- No compression, no cold media, no pollution, it is a green product.
Low Cost --- Compared with cold fan system, the cost is half of cold fan system, and equipment take no building area.

Ⅳ Application
1. Cooling
  Outdoor Restaurant, Public Amenities, Gymnasium, Playground, Airport, Bus Stop, Large Plaza Gathering Space, Hotels, Animal Farm.
2. Dedusting
  Farm, Mine Field and so on.
3. Humidification
  Textile Mills, Cotton Warehouses, Park, Greenhouse, Laboratory, and Flour Processing Factories, etc.
4. Agriculture
  Family Farms, Mushrooms Cultivating Field, Circus Arena, Bird Nest. Making environment suitable for all kinds of animals and plants.
5. Industry
  Metal workshop, Mechanical workshop, Textile workshop, Clothing workshop, Printing and dyeing workshop, Shoemaking workshop, Plastic workshop, Die costing workshop, Heat treatment and casting workshop, Glass manufacturing, Spray plating workshop, Electronic and chemical industry, Leather and toy manufacture, Home appliance manufacture,etc.
6. Special use place
  Garden, Zoo, Shopping center, Exhibition, Cinema, Flowers and trees breeding place, Animal husbandry place, Mushrooms Room, etc.
7. Special use method
  Add disinfectant in water, can disinfect for botanical garden, greenhouses, animal farms, zoo, golf cours.

humidifier fan higher pressure fan misting fan
  • humidifier fan higher pressure fan misting fan
  • humidifier fan higher pressure fan misting fan
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